The Alpine Butte Wildlife Sanctuary lays on the southern slope of Alpine Butte a Mesozoic granitic rock formation marked by the presence of dinosaur, marine and flying reptile fossils.  This 320 acre wildlife sanctuary is ecologically rich area consisting of small sand dunes, large rock formations, creosote bush scrub and Joshua tree woodland home to some of the tallest Joshua trees in Los Angeles County!  Indigenous wildlife at the sanctuary include the federally threatened Mojave Desert Tortoise, Mojave Sidewinder Rattlesnakes, Zebra-Tailed Lizards, Badgers and Kit Foxes making this sanctuary ecologically and historically rich and ideal for school field trips and interested hikers alike.

County Operated Facility
Phones: General: (661) 944-6881
Park Things to Do:
  • Hiking
  • Nature and Plant Walks