Jackrabbit Flats Wildlife Sanctuary, comprising 114 acres, has the most consistent wildflower displays year after year of any of the Los Angeles County Sanctuaries! The dominant plant communities include Joshua tree woodlands and Creosote Bush Scrub, both equally represented throughout. Various cacti exist from Golden and Silver Cholla to Beavertail that offer spectacular blossoms in the spring! The consistent wildflowers bring out the Black Tailed Jackrabbits, and if you haven’t seen the native hare you are in for a treat! Some mistake these giants for a fox or coyote at first; however, once they jump up to 20 feet in a single bound traveling up to 35 miles per hour, everyone recognizes them as the iconic Jackrabbit!

County Operated Facility
Website: http://parks.lacounty.gov/jackrabbit-flats-wildlife-sanctuary
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset
Phones: General: (661) 944-6881
Park Things to Do:
  • Hiking
  • Nature and Plant Walks



Naturalist lead hikes; Wildflower, Nature

Ages: 1 to 80
Days: 4-12 times/yr
Fee: $0 per Person/Session
School Programs

Ecology, Biology, Enironmental

Ages: 9 to 21
Days: 2 times/yr
Fee: $0 per Person/Session